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Tenant Eviction Services for Bristol Landlords

Let's Rent Tenant Evictions department has been launched to assist landlords in regaining possession of their properties when faced with problem tenants.

As a letting agency, Let's Rent know that there are plenty of great tenants out there, and we truly value all the decent tenants of our client landlords' properties.

However, in today's market conditions, things can change dramatically within months for individual tenants, leading to them experiencing trouble paying. Loss of employment, separation, and medical conditions are just three of the many possible circumstances that can affect tenants' ability to keep up their rental payments to you.

But whatever the reasons, when a tenant stops paying, it can cause you as the landlord many challenges such as difficulties paying the mortgage on your property, potential repossession of the property by your lender, or having to use savings that were meant to be set aside for your family's future.

How we can help

Lets Rent Tenant Evictions department can assist landlords with the issuance of Notices, from Section 21 (two months' notice) to Section 8 notices.

We will advise you on what the best course of action is in order to get possession of your property back quickly.

We can assist you with ALL the necessary paperwork for filing for a possession order to your local County Court.

We can arrange for bailiffs to enforce judgement orders from the courts, and rectify possible issues of non-compliance with required procedure on your part as the landlord, in accordance with the terms of the Deregulation Act (2015).

Why Lets Rent for Tenant Evictions?

Traditionally, most letting agents will only manage the tenancy of your property. Up to the point of notices being served, they will advise you to seek separate legal assistance on evictions. This process can end up costing you thousands of pounds.

We have been helping landlords deal with non-paying tenants and other problem tenants for decades. With well over 100 evictions facilitated to date (at a 100% success rate), we have learnt the best and fastest ways for landlords to regain possession.

We've seen landlords spend thousands of pounds and even years trying to regain possession of their properties, and wasting solicitors' fees along the way. Don't let this happen to you. Trust Lets Rent to take care of the problem for a fair and reasonable fixed fee.

Costs of our Tenant Evictions Service

Creating a Section 21 notice or a Form 6a notice: £75 + VAT (this includes service of the notice)

Accelerated possession order - £350 + VAT

Arranging bailiffs: £50 + VAT

Note: We are not solicitors, nor can we act on your behalf as solicitors. If solicitors are required, we can arrange them on your behalf for a fixed cost. 99% of our evictions do not require a solicitor, as we have fine-tuned our processes for gaining court judgement in your favour without a hearing.

Note: We will not go to court on a whim, therefore our advice will be based on getting mandatory possession for you.

Please contact Lets Rent now for advice on this service.
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