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 Licensing scheme for the Stapleton Road area is coming
 into force and the deadline for applications was July 15th 2013.
 Further information about the scheme is available at
www.bristol.gov.uk/discretionarylicensing where the form to
 apply for the license is available on line. Some landlords
 have found that the forms do not download with google.
 If so internet explorer seems to work better.

 Apart from completing the application form landlords should note that compliance with the scheme will require gas and electrical safety certificates and for some properties, fire alarm and energy performance certificates. These do not necessarily all have to be completed by July 15th but if they are not up to date or specification it is advisable for landlords to get the work commissioned sooner rather than later. For further information contact us now

15/07/13 By Adil Ayub
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