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"Moving to Bristol part 3" 29/04/14 By Richard Lewis

The Final part in our series of articles around moving to Bristol from another city / country

"Increased costs for Landlords?!" 28/04/14 By Adil Ayub

Tenant evictions are a stressing process for everyone involved and now, the landlords who have done nothing wrong will bear more of the financial impact.

" Bristol Central area: The 15 year plan" 18/04/14 By Adil Ayub

Bristol's city council have a plan in development to encourage steady growth in terms of housing and employment

"Bristol Central Area: The 15 year plan" 18/04/14 By Adil Ayub

The Bristol City Council are one step closer to finalizing their 15 year development plan of the city’s central area.

"Victory for Landlords" 16/04/14 By Adil Ayub

This article recently published by Burtonsweet chartered accountants and business advisers outlines the final ruling of a case about the great losses to landlords who were letting their commercial property to GAME stores across the country.

"Moving to Bristol part 2" 15/04/14 By Richard Lewis

Part two on our analysis of how a move from another city plays out

"We would like to deliver a message from Bhagavat E" 14/04/14 By Adil Ayub

This message is for everyone who feels a responsibility to give or to support the young children throughout the world who are looking for help.

"New Terrace project planned for Bristol’s skyline" 10/04/14 By Adil Ayub

Bristol's to get a little more colourful with the latest planned development in Totterdown

"Moving to Bristol part 1" 09/04/14 By Richard Lewis

Moving homes is more than just finding the right house...

"Lets Rent Review: LANDLORD Expo 2014" 08/04/14 By Adil Ayub

LANDLORD Expo 2014: A well planned event, good execution and very productive.

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