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Guaranteed Rent Services Bristol - for Landlords

Guaranteed Rent Property Management Services for Bristol Landlords

Are you a landlord with property in the Bristol area? Do you desire the income security that comes with a guaranteed rent for a period of at least three years?

If so, you can benefit from Let’s Rent’s Guaranteed Rent property management service. In addition to offering all the benefits of our Full Property Management Service, Guaranteed Rent ensures that no matter what happens with your tenants or property, we pay you a fixed monthly rent, guaranteed!

There are two main reasons why Guaranteed Rent is attractive to many of today’s landlords:

  1. Completely hands-off property management. We deal with all ongoing management costs, issues and other routine tasks, without billing or otherwise troubling you. That leaves you free to go about your other business without additional demands on your time.
  2. Secure, stable income from your buy-to-let property investment or other property assets.
    • No more unpredictable late or missed payments from tenants.
    • No more periods without income when one tenant has left and the next one is yet to sign up or start paying
    • No more periods when rental income is wiped out by the costs of minor repairs and upgrades to infrastructure.

Lets Rent Guaranteed Rent Services Bristol 

How Let's Rent's Guaranteed Rent Service Works

  • We sign a contract with you for a minimum term of three years.
  • In the contract, we set out the guaranteed rent we will pay you each month, quoted on the basis of what we estimate we’ll be able to afford to pay after covering our costs.
  • With the signing of the contract, we effectively become your direct tenant in law, while you grant us the authority to manage and sub-let your property for the duration of the contract.
  • We handle everything else: we advertise for tenants, we arrange viewings, we vet potential tenants, we conclude our own contracts with suitable tenants without involving you, we collect rent from tenants, we deal with all tenant complaints, questions and requests, we cover any legal costs associated with problematic or non-paying tenants, we ensure that all applicable certification is valid and up-to-date, and we commission, oversee and pay for any minor repairs, renovations and other improvements that may be needed or desirable from the standpoint of ensuring that the property remains let.
  • We pay you the exact rent we promised every month. No commission is deducted. No fees are imposed or passed on.
  • Even if we fail to cover our costs, you are not left out of pocket, because your rent is absolutely guaranteed during the period of contract.
  • Any improvements and repairs carried out during the contract are yours to keep, whatever you decide to do next.

With Let's Rent, your property is always in safe hands. Don't Settle for Less – Sign Up for our Guaranteed Rent Service!


Our experienced property management team are only a phone call away. We'll discuss your requirements and goals, and discuss any aspects of our Guaranteed Rent service in depth. After talking to us, you'll be sure that you've made the best possible choice!

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