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Letting in Clifton - Area Guide


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Clifton is one of the oldest and most wealthy areas of the Bristol. Situated to the west of Bristol city centre it was at one time a separate settlement but became attached to Bristol by continuous development during the Georgian era and was formally incorporated into the city in the 1830s.

At that time many grand houses were built by wealthy merchants and although some were detached or semi-detached properties, the bulk were built as terraces, many with three or more floors. One famous terrace is the majestic Royal York Crescent, visible from the Avon Gorge and with a view  across the Bristol waterfront. 

Berkeley Square,  built around 1790 is a fine example of Georgian architecture. Clifton is home to Isambard Kingdom Brunel's Clifton Suspension Bridge and to many buildings of the University of Bristol.

Various sub-districts of Clifton exist, including Whiteladies Road, an important shopping district to the east and Clifton Village, a smaller shopping area near the Avon Gorge to the west. Immediately north of Clifton is Durdham Down, an open area used for recreation purposes with a view over the Avon Gorge.

Clifton is served by Clifton Down railway station on the local Severn Beach railway line and by frequent bus services from central Bristol. It has road links to the city centre and the outer western suburbs including Leigh Woods via the Clifton Suspension Bridge.

Clifton has been featured in many television programmes including the late 1970s series Shoestring, costume drama The House of Eliott and Casualty, the hospital drama. A number of films have also been set in Clifton including Starter For 10 starring James McAvoy and produced by Tom Hanks.

Clifton has a long history of natural history television programming and global conservation, due to the presence of Bristol Zoo in the north of the ward and the proximity of the BBC Natural History Unit. More than 25% of the world's wildlife programmes are made in Bristol.

Several excellent private secondary schools are located in Clifton including Clifton High School, Bristol Grammar School and Clifton College.  As one of the most affluent and attractive area of the city Clifton continues to have huge potential for investment housing, leisure and retail facilities.

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